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Item Description
2365.Unique Machine & Tool model 375 3 head molding sander SN 06099802

2366.Unique Machine & Tool model 313GT2 finger joint miter machine SN 0355160313GT

2367.Razorgage Cyclone 600 upcut saw SN 20160031 with pigeonhole rack

2368.Grizzly table saw with digital Tiger fence

2369.Ohio Forge pro series 10" table saw with bench and glide fence

2370.Jet 10" table saw

2371.Jet joiner

2372.Delta horizontal boring machine

2373.Woodstock Shop Fox planer

2374.Powermatic planer

2375.Delta horizontal boring machine

2376.Craftsman 12" wood lathe with copy crafter mounted on Craftsman tool chest workbench

2377.North State surface sander with belts

2378.DeWalt miter saw with bench and digital tiger stop

2379.Jet drill press model JDP 17MF SN 211-0080

2380.Jet 14 inch bandsaw model JWBS 14 serial number 60310149

2381.Delta Drill Press model 17-900 Searle number R 9503

2382.Craftsman 12 inch Drill Press

2383.Porter Cable router table with stand

2384.Spindle Sander on stand

2385.Porter Cable router table

2386.Porter Cable router table

2387.Rogers model 800 belt sander with router and DeWalt horizontal bore

2388.Jet 14 inch woodworking bandsaw model JWBS 14CS Serial number 80333113

2389.Jet oscillating horizontal / vertical edge sander model OPS 80 CS serial number 15086211

2390.Porter Cable router table

2391.Porter Cable Omni jig 16 dovetail jig on bench

2392.Dust collector with ducting

2393.Ingersoll-Rand air compressor model UP6-10TAS 150GRA serial number UQ3243U10285

2394.Ingersoll-Rand air compressor model UP6-15cTAS-125 W/ serial number UP1544U05171

2395.Ingersoll-Rand air compressor model 2545E10V W/STARTE serial number 0401120222

2396.Horizontal boring jig

2397.Stapling jig bench with foot pedal control

2398.Global Finishing Solutions paint booth 16' X 13' X 10' with exhaust fan on roof (Winning buyer must cap roof holes off water tight to the satisfaction of the landlord)

2399.Global Finishing Solutions paint booth 16' X 13' X 10' with exhaust fan on roof (Winning buyer must cap roof holes off water tight to the satisfaction of the landlord)

2400.Grizzly horizontal boring machine

2401.Delta shaper

2402.Milwaukee panel saw

2403.DeWalt miter saw with bench

2404.Porter Cable router table

2405.glue clamp table

2406.Rigid compound miter saw

2407.DeWalt compound miter saw

2408.DeWalt compound miter saw

2409.Hoffman model MU2 Benchtop dovetail routing machine

2410.DeWalt radial arm saw

2411.Ryobi 9 inch bench top band saw

2412.Jet Equipment and Tools belt sander, disc sander model JSG 1

2413.Delta 12 1/2 inch portable planer

2414.Makita 12 inch planer

2414A.Craftsman computerized engraver. 

2415.Dewalt electric drill with buffing wheel

2416.Black & Decker hand planer

2417.Collection of 5 pneumatic Brad Nailers and staplers

2418.Skilsaw electric circular saw

2419.Bosch electric circular saw

2420.Ridgid Job Max multi tool

2421.(2) routers

2422.Porter Cable router

2423.Craftsman router

2424.Craftsman router

2425.Wagner electric heat gun

2426.Makita hand held planner

2427.Ryobi electric hammer drill in case

2428.Bosch electric jigsaw in case

2429.Freud Electric hand held planner in case

2430.Ridgid zip saw

2431.Black & Decker electric quarter inch hex drive drill

2432.Collection of six pneumatic Sanders

2433.(2) Electric Palm Sanders

2434.Porter Cable variable speed orbital sander

2435.Husky pneumatic drill

2436.Black & Decker electric drill with paint mixer paddle

2437.Makita cordless drill's with chargers one battery

2438.Makita cordless bit drivers with charger and one battery

2439.Horizontal drill jig

2440.Steele X woodturning knives

2441.Wood turning knives

2442.Husky socket tool set with drivers

2443.Alphabet and number stamps

2443A.Justrite Fire cabinet

2444.Louisville fiberglass 28 foot extension ladder

2445.Husky 12 foot fiberglass stepladder

2446.Werner 14 foot aluminum stepladder

2447.Werner adjustable aluminum A-frame ladder

2448.Gorilla ladders 6 foot aluminum stepladder

2449.Davidson 6 foot aluminum stepladder

2450.Shutters and shutter frames

2451.Shutters and shutter frames

2452.Shutters and shutter frames



2455.Shutters and shutter frames

2456.Shutter frames

2457.Shutter baffles and parts with shelving

2458.Shutter frame parts

2458A.Handle material and hardware

2459.Miscellaneous wood parts

2460.Finished lumber between uprights

2461.Finished lumber between uprights

2462.Lumber between uprights

2463.Lumber and shutter parts between uprights

2464.Lumber and rack

2465.Lumber in rack

2466.Lumber on rack with Lumber and barrels

2467.Pallet of lumber

2468.Rack with cardboard boxes and pressed wood lumber

2469.Pallet of golf scoreboards

2470.A lot of miscellaneous wood parts

2471.Whole section of miscellaneous boxes and pallets

2472.Pallet of teardrop shelving

2473.Cart with aluminum parts

2474.Rack with lumber

2475.Pigeonhole box with parts

2476.Pigeonhole box with parts

2477.Pigeonhole box with parts

2478.Pigeonhole box with parts

2479.Pigeonhole box with parts

2480.Four sections pallet racking lumber racks

2481.One section pallet rack lumber rack

2482.Cantilever maternal rack

2483.Heat Wave electric portable heater

2484.Heat Wave electric portable heater

2485.Shopline Jet portable dust collector

2486.Shopline Jet portable dust collector

2487.Two wheel hand truck with pneumatic tires

2488.Paint bucket dolly

2489.Two wheel hand cart

2490.Delta 6 inch bench grinder on pedestal

2491.Husky pro tool chest with tools

2492.Electrical extension cords

2493.Pair of roller stands

2494.Rigid shop vac

2495.Rigid shop vac

2496.Rigid shop vac

2497.Plumbers torch set with gages houses and torch on the cart

2498.Air filter

2499.Sand blaster pot

2500.Campbell Hausfeld 44 GPM three-quarter horsepower airless paint sprayer

2501.Hose reel and air hoses

2502.Hose reel and air hoses

2503.Paint pot with hoses and spray gun

2504.Paint pot with hoses and spray gun

2505.Binks airless sprayer with hoses and spray gun

2506.Merror airless paint sprayer or with houses and air gun sprayer

2507.Kremlin airless paint sprayer or with houses and air gun sprayer

2508.Paint sprayer parts

2509.Samuel strapping system cart with tensioner and crimper

2510.Maxx Air high velocity pedestal fan

2511.Maxx Air high velocity pedestal fan

2512.Central machinery pedestal fan

2513.Lasko oscillating pedestal fan

2514.Pedestal fan

2515.Maxx Air high velocity pedestal fan

2516.Central machinery pedestal fan

2517.Central machinery pedestal fan

2518.HDX pedestal fan

2519.Pedestal fan

2520.Central machinery pedestal fan

2521.Pedestal fan

2522.Pedestal fan

2523.Central machinery pedestal fan

2524.Husky work light on pedestal

2525.Husky dual head 6000 lumens work light on pedestal

2526.Husky dual head 6000 lumens work light on pedestal

2527.Husky dual head 6000 lumens work light on pedestal

2528.Husky dual head 6000 lumens work light on pedestal

2529.Eagle 55 pallet jack

2530.Pigeonhole material cart

2531.Electrical transformers, electrical breaker boxes, electrical parts and breakers, work lights with shelf

2532.(2) material carts

2533.(2) material carts

2534.(2) material carts

2535.(2) material carts

2536.(2) Metal frame table

2537.(2) teardrop shelving units

2538.(2) Metro carts

2539.Wooden workbench

2540.Uline maple top workbench

2541.Wooden workbench

2542.Pair of sawhorses

2543.Metal frame material rack

2544.Teardrop shelving unit

2545.Metal frame layout table

2546.Metal frame layout table

2547.Metal frame layout table

2548.Wooden vacuum table setup without vacuum parts

2549.Metal frame workbench

2550.Metal frame workbench

2551.Metal frame cart

2552.Material cart

2553.Teardrop shelving cart

2554.Wooden cart

2555.Wooden cart

2556.Formica top counter

2557.Pipe clamps, wood clamps, alligator clamps, C-clamps, Carpenter squares, T squares, with shelving

2558.Flammable cabinet with contents router bits, drillbits, holesaw's, shaper blades

2558A.Rolling cart with sawblades

2559.Metal frame workbench

2560.Metal frame workbench

2561.Metal frame workbench

2562.Flammable cabinet

2563.Teardrop shelving and wooden cabinet

2564.(2) wooden workbenches

2565.(10) wooden workbenches

2566.Fatigue mats

2567.Metal frame workbench

2568.Farmable cabinet with contents

2569.Paint bucket trays

2570.Metal frame workbench

2571.Metal frame workbench

2572.(2) wooden workbenches one with granite slab and bench vice

2573.Wooden workbench

2574.Metal frame workbench

2575.Row of metal shelving with contents rolls of material

2576.5 gallon paint cans inside and outside some partials

2577.Two full sections of pallet racking 4 uprights 12 crossbars 18 wire decking

2578.Two door metal cabinet with contents

2579.Wood frame material cart

2580.Wood frame material cart

2581.Metal frame material cart

2582.Metal frame material cart

2583.Wood frame material cart

2584.Wood frame material cart

2585.Metal frame material cart

2586.Metal frame material cart

2587.Metal frame material cart

2588.Metal frame material cart

2589.(2) Wood frame material cart

2590.Wooden carts

2591.Metal carts

2592.Metal sawhorses

2593.(2) Metal frame material cart

2594.(2) Metal frame material cart

2595.(2) Metal frame material cart

2596.(2) Metal frame material cart

2597.Metal frame material cart

2598.Lockwood Metal frame material cart

2599.Ducting collar

2600.Wood stump

2601.Four aluminum trailer load locks

2602.Wooden crate with miscellaneous and fasteners

2603.Shelving and two door cabinet with contents fasteners, hardware and supplies

2604.Contents on table including miscellaneous tools

2605.Wooden workbench

2606.Pallet of fasteners

2607.Pallet of fasteners and hardware

2608.Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator freezer

2609.Contents of Cage including shelving

2610.Shutter display cabinet

2611.(2) two door cabinets with contents including paper supplies

2612.Floor runner mats Floor mat inbox 

2613.Allwood electric lift desk from desk height to counter height

2614.Allwood electric lift desk from desk height to counter height

2615.Allwood electric lift desk from desk height to counter height

2616.Allwood electric lift desk from desk height to counter height

2617.Metal four drawer lateral filing cabinet

2618.Metal four drawer lateral filing cabinet

2619.Metal four drawer lateral filing cabinet

2620.Metal three drawer lateral filing cabinet

2621.HP LaserJet P3015 printer with two drawer metal filing cabinet and paper caddy

2622.Contents of office including return desk, credenza, office chair, two side chairs

2623.Six computer towers and six monitors with keyboards and mouse

2624.HP LaserJet Pro MFP model M225 DW

2625.HP LaserJet P3015 printer

2626.(11) Cisco IP phones

2627.Panini Vision X check scanner

2628.Dymo Labelwriter 450 Pro

2629.Brother Image Center ADS-1500W

2630.Staples paper shredder

2631.Three plastic tables one 6 foot one 4 foot one round

2632.Contents of room including shutter samples

2633.Contents of office including return desk, credenza, office chair, two side chairs

2634.Contents of office two metal filing cabinet with contents

2635.Janitor closet with mop bucket, mops brooms tools

2636.Kitchen Cabinets and cupboards contents only

2637.Maytag refrigerator freezer

2638.Three Danby microwave ovens with storage shelf

2639.(4) stack chairs

2640.(4) stack chairs

2641.(3) Office chairs

2642.Office chair

2643.Office chair

2644.Office chair

2645.Office chair

2646.Office chair

2647.Canvas pictures on walls

2648.Room of office supplies

2649.Rolls of remnant carpeting